Friday, October 24, 2014


Post taken a while ago, when the weather was still nice and chilled. But it seems, that this kind of weather is coming back again. Went a bit girly and modern for this time. By the way, have you seen the post on my instagram account? Can you guess what it can be? Follow me and subscribe for soon annoucment of new giveaway! xx

Lulu Guinness (UK) Missguided  US

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

England travel post: Liverpool & Nottingham

Hope you all head a nice weekend. I used my extended weekend from uni this time to travel a bit around UK. I left London on Friday to Nottingham, this is not my first time being there as couple of my friends used to study there. It is very nice small, cosy town. It was a nice getaway from a busy London lifestyle. But couldn't afford a weekend without doing nothing actually, so while waiting for my boyfriend to finish his classes on that day, I had spent the afternoon in the library doing my stuff (so no matter where I am, still busy catching up on). On Saturday we head in early morning for a day trip to Liverpool. First time being there and the northest city ever been in UK. It is very nice and everything was a walking distance. Loved their shopping district, it felt very different from London. No cars and buses and not too crowdy and no many tourists in your way.
So what's up with Liverpool? We went to see couple of museums around, have a walk around the port/dock, homeland of Beatles and they got this very interesting architecture all around the city! Very modern alikes. Get back to Nottingham on the day at night. Sunday we had a full day to spend in Nottingham, walk around some parks and city centre, visited places where Batman and Robin Hood was filmed and in once of the park saw for a first time a deer so close enough to take a picture of him chilling in the middle of the grass where people were having picnics and having a walk:D How odd. Anyway, Monday lunch time I again head off back to London.

Have you ever been in Nottingham and/or Liverpool? What's your thoughts about these cities?
A little photo diary pull out together for you here.

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Lulu Guinness (UK) Missguided  US

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Warm autumn days bring me the want to experiment in wearing this patterned skort with this light sweater and again my black hat which has been my latest autumn obsession. Love when this weather stays like this. Not that cold and not too hot. A perfect combination for walks in a nature and warm coffees and hot chocolates.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


London weather has been a complete madness lately. One day raining and so windy and next day shiny and warm. Not a surprise if a person get ill because of that and it is so frustrating in terms of what to wear even.

                                                                                                                  Photos by James Moffatt / @

Bonus photos, mid shoot selfie with James:)