Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Malta travel guide


So I have finally summarized points of interest in Malta that I have visited and recommend you. Malta is a small island that is surrounded by another island named Gozo and Comino. Malta beaches are very rocky, if you are trying to find a sandy beach than definitely head to Comino Blue lagoon where you will find even more transparent, sparkler and endless blue water. It is just not enough that Malta is already surrounded by beautiful and clean water.
There is an easy access of transport on the island, therefore do take the opportunity to make day trips to different cities and corners of the island. As I already explained in my previous Matlta post, we have spent in total 5 days on Malta (including days of arrival and departure) and it was enough for us to see the most imporant places that I have planned to see. Definitely plan it ahead so you will save time on travels. Book tours or hire a car. 
Here are some tips and inspiration and do share your owns in comments bellow xx


1. Casa Rocca Piccola

2. Fort St Elmo

Friday, June 26, 2015

Realash - eyelash enhancer *

So couple days ago I have received Realash product in my post and I am excited to try it. Realash is an eyelash enhancer serum which helps to increase eyelash length and volume. It is tested to see results after 21 days, your eyelashes should be longer, thicker and fuller. The application of this product is very simple. After removing make-up in the evening, you will apply this product with sterile applicator supplied which looks like a liquid eyeliner to the skin of the eyelid close to the roots of eyelashes. You would apply it as you would do an eyeliner. Every evening you will repeat this step for about recommended 3 months. After that time it's recommended to keep doing it to keep it for about 2-3 times per week. Realash is used for upper lashes only and it has been developed according to FDA regulations.

Sounds all great? You can purchase your own on their website or stay tunned for an upcoming giveaway where you can win one of this amazing product yourself. Follow me and subscribe me for updates of the giveaway xx

I am excited to test it myself now, as you know, Asian eyelashes are more shorter and straight compared to any others, so I am myself curious on how it will work on Asian eyelashes. Will update you with results and opinions in 3 months. However, again, follow for giveaway which comes soon!

Credit: Realash FB
Před pár dny jsem dostala balíček poštou s Realash serum a nemůžu se dočkat abych to vyzkoušela. Realash je serum na rust řas, které zvětšuje objem a délku. Je to testované, že výsledky jsou viditelné po 21 dnech, řasy by měly být delší, hustší a atraktivnější. Aplikace tohoto produktu je velice jednoduché. Večer po odlíčení, nanesete to pomocí aplikátoru, který vypadá jako oční tekuté linky. Nanesete to na pokožku víčka na kořínky řasů. Takhle budete pokračovat každý večer po dobu 3 měsíců jak je doporučeno, po této době byste měli pokračovat nanášet serum pro udržení 2-3x týdně. Serum se používá pouze pro horní řasy a bylo vyvinuto podle předpisů FDA. 

Vše zní skvěle? Můžete si zakoupit na jejich stránce a nebo mě sledujte na socialních medii a na blogu, protože mám pro vás připravený giveaway kde můžete vyhrát jeden serum Realash na vyzkoušení. Těším se jak já to sama vyzkouším a jak to bude na mě působit. Jelikož jak víte, Asijské řasy jsou velice krátké a rovně, tak jsem zvědava jestli to bude fungovat i na Asijské řasy. Ozvu se vám za 3 měsíce s mými dojmy o produktu a výsledku. Mezitím tedy nezapomeňte sledovat a nezměškejte připravenou giveaway!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gladiator sandals


I had a crush on gladiator sandals already from last year if I remember correctly. I never was about to purchase them, because in my mind my thought was that it does not go good with me (because, I am short height, dont have a right body for those shoes as well as I hate tan lines). But god know what happens now, but before leaving to Malta I have purchased these lovely sandals that I am actually happy about. They are not that high and can be adjustable. That's a plus side. The negative side is that they are not fixed so, during the day those straps just loosen and slide down.. So I am thinking about to buy a new pair of gladiator sandals. Any recommendations?:)

Zamilovala jsem se do gladiatorských botech už od minulého roku, jestli si to dobře pamatuji. Ale nikdy jsem si je v tu dobu nekoupila, protože jsem si myslela, že mě nepadnou, kvůli mé výšce a také nemám rída opálené pruhy po botech či oblečení. Ale vůbec nevím co mě to teď popadlo, že jsem si jednz pořídila před odjezdem na Maltu. A jsem docelá spokojená s něma, nejsou tako výsoké a také se dají přizpůsobit jak a kde to chci mít zavázané. Na druhou stranu ale jak jsou takhle flexibilní, tak čas od času jsou volně a spadnou dolů. Takže přemýšlím o nových gladiátorských sandálech, nějaké vychytávky?:)

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Malta photo diary


So here I am with a update post full of images taken on Malta last week. Malta was amazing, weather was great. Love thse builduings, small narrow streets, colourful balcons and pure,clear sea.
The stay was short and intense. We have stayed in Sliema, the location popular by bars, restaurants and shops. Across the harbour of Sliema we had the amazing view of Valletta. The next day we took a bus to Valletta, spend a day there and came back by a ferry. Valletta is a small city, so again we have managed to walk around everywhere. Additionally, we were so excited that we managed to get up early and went to sea and pool before breakfast. (such an active day!)

The following day we have booked a tour to Gozo and Comino island. Again full day of exciting programme. We went to Gozo island first where we went through small villages, Victoria city (the main city of Gozo) and went to a coast to see the famous Azure Window (such a tourist place though). Later in the afternoon we jump on the boat to Comino island, which was about 6 minutes from Gozo where we went to a speed boat to see Comino caves. After a short trip we returned to Comino land and walk to the Blue Lagoon where we chilled and swimmed until late afternoon. (again such a place full of tourists). Then we returned back and was so exhausted by the trip that we went to bed early. 

The next day we took the morning slowly. We had Mdina and Rabat city ahead of us, which we assumed that will take about 3-4 hours only. And it did actually. A bus to these cities were just in front of our hotel and it took about an hour ride to get there. Early in the afternoon we head back to out hotel where we rest and spend the rest of out late afternoon/early evening in the pool and spa.

Last day has reached, so we again took our morning slowly with our breakfast, packing in saying goodbye to Malta. We had only about 3 hours to spend before leaving to airport, so we walked around Sliema, took some last pictures, visited some shops and that would be it. In the afternoon we were on the bus to the airport, so we can have a last view of Malta country before leaving back to London. (the weather is horrible here!)

So you got an overview of our Malta holiday, some hints what we have done and here are mixture of images of the stay. Did you know that Malta ride on the left? And they have red phone boxes and post boxes as well. Check the following post for a proper overview of what to do in Malta xx

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Amsterdam travel guide


So it has been couple weeks already since my trip and finally I have managed to post a proper post giving you some insight and tips on where to go and what to do. Apologies for late delay, as I was very busy with my final few weeks and very hectic situations. Still not calmed yet (even though exams are done and university is over?) though still few issues needed to be solved. But first, the promised post.

So if you have read my photo posts from my Holland trip, I have been only for an extended weekend in Netherland. 2 days spent in Amsterdam and one day in Utrecht and Zaandam.
Most of us probably can image red light district and weed as the first thing when thinking about Netherland, but it has more to offer than that, so maybe visit those things as last thing if travelling to Netherland for a first time, otherwise it can ruin your perception of this country.

Share with us any of your recommendations, local tips or anything spotful in this beautiful city! xx