Saturday, September 20, 2014

Morocco travel diary

So as already you know, I have arrived from my Morocco vacation this week. Prepared for you a photo diary and now I'll talk through more about my visits and experience.
So at the beginning of a september I flew from London to Morocco for my first time. First time in Africa and first time in such a country... When I saw for a first time the photo with blue white alleys and houses in somewhere in Morocco and that was the point where I made a decision, yes I want to go to Morocco this year.
As a wonderland, my main reason was to explore, be inspired and experienced something new. Therefore we have stayed there for 9 days, including 2 days flying in and out.

First stop was in Rabat.
Beautiful city, we stayed in riad, which is a like a hotel in their style. Rooms, decors and breakfast. Everything was good about it. It didnt work like normal hotels where (I assume) everybody is used to, therefore dont expect having a cash machine, printer or very helpful services in there, however staff are very friendly and always helped with you question. We stayed in Old Medina, therefore it gets very alive during nights where markets and food stand are full of people and everywhere you smeel yummy food. It was very complicated and frustrated the day when we arrived, as our taxi driver didnt took us in front of our accomodation, he drop us like in front of the Old city and showed us the direction with his broken english. We paid a lot for the trip which was like just up to 10km from airport and not 20km as he said and we got lost in the old center trying to find the right street where our Riad was based. However, we run up to a nice and kind Moroccon man who walked with us in front of our accomodation. And from that time, I came across to many nice people in Morocco, they can be helpful and kind. Such as once in Casablanca, we used our bottled water to clean our feets from the sand, but run out of water, the guy nearby working there offered us a full bottle of water to us. How nice from him right? Dont remember this kind of things happening to me anywhere much to be honest.
Rabat is very historial and artistic. I loved everything about it. You see the different between the old central and when you go out to more modern houses. Moroccon people have very good taste in architecture and art in my opinion. Love their small details on the houses. Not many tourists around though, as well as people speak very limited English, as they are more fluent in French rather. So when going to eat out, they dont have menus in english, so for us who we dont speak French at all, it was a bit tricky and we were mainly guessing and experimenting. Be careful on taxis though, as for a first time I came across to sharing a taxi with other guests (it gets more cheaper and convenient for the driver), so dont be surprise if you have strangers in a cab sitting with you. (but dont worry, you pay your way not their as well). Prices are by negotiation and its charged per person! Always ask for a price before you sit it, and whether it is per person or for everything.
We stayed in Rabat for 4 days (including the day when we arrived), we walked everywhere by foot, as I enjoy walking, its healthy (as I wasnt exercising much during summer) and the most importantly, you got to see things around. After Rabat we bought our tickets for 90 MAD to Casablanca, which took about 1h 20min.

Casablanca is very modern city, even though it was as well its Old Medina, but it is not like the once I have seen in Rabat. Didnt speak me to me much. Artistic builduings were replaced to more modern and white houses and builduing, it reminds me a bit of French style, I assume France has left a big impact in Morocco. However, in here we stayed in a sea side. Enjoying waking up to the view of waves and the sun rise. We stayed here only for 3 days. One day for a city walk was enough, there is not much even to see in terms of tourist attractions and historical things.  Thus we mainly enjoyed the sea nearby. Even though in Rabat there was a beach as well, but it wasnt that nice and big as here in Casablanca. And I do have to mention as well, that Casablanca is a good for a shopping place, while strolling around one of the mall nearby the sea side, where luxury brands and high street brands were in one roof, I couldnt resist to go to see what they sell in here. I probably have to admit that they have a lot of stuff more than here in Czech or even London. There were so many nice items that I havent seen and have the mood to shop it all. But oh well, I came for travel not for a shopping (but that bag from Zara is still sticking in my head and cant get over it, should have buy it there, cant find it anywhere here in London). After a nice chilled days, we again head to Marrakech by train. It took a bit longer, about 3 and half hours. Didnt expect the train to be so packed as well as it was without the air conditioner, so the trip was exhausting.

But we managed to get to Marrakech without fainting. Checked in into hotel and this was our last stop in Morocco for another 4 days. Marrakech is very nice as well, it is historial in some way, love their big square in Old Medina (and so many small similar streets that you can actually get lost in there), where at night is full of buzz. One day we booked a day trip to Ourzazate, another city nearby (well, not that nearby). We stoped at the view to the Atlas mountains, then continued to a small ancient village Aint-Ben-Haddou (it got my eyes! so beautiful and different!) and then continued to our last stop in Ourzazate. These last places were place where movies like Asterix and Obelix, Cleopatra, Games of Thrones, Mummia to name few were filmed. (and I always thought that it was Egypt!). Well, and that was our last trip before the whole vacation came to the end.

My picks from my observation and experiences while in Morocco:

  • They have a wall surrounded around Old Medina, feeling like in old times
  • A lot of France influence
  • More lively and active during evening (and kids are awake and out in so late time!)
  • Cactus fruit
  • Be aware how you dress and where (in places such as Rabat, where there are not so many people, they might look at you strangely)
  • People (especially in tourist places like Marrakech) can speak in so many languages (damn, I want to rock in languages too)
  • French language is a priority there rather than English (yes, guessing food to order in restaurants if they dont have pictures in there)
  • More kind people I have met during the week compared to my lifetime here in Europe
  • so damn beautiful and artistic!

It was a nice spend week and for sure I am definitelly coming back to Morocco to see more, as there is so much to see and to visit. I would talk on and on about my experience in this trip, but the post would and is already too long than usual, and I dont want you to give up and fall a sleep while reading, so I sump up my trip like that and if you do have more questions regarding Morocco, travelling or anything else on the blog and me, dont hesitate to message me, comment, email me or I have recently created ask.fm, so feel free to ask me questions:)

So where my wonderland mind will take me next then?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Morocco photo diary

A photo diary of my holidays in Morocco, including city Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech and Ourzazate. More details and travel tips I will post in the following post in couple days, so follow and stay tuned:) You might have seen some photos if you are already following my instagram. I think photos will tell more than words:)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Greetings from Morocco

Hello from Casablanca, Morocco. I have been traveling and capturing photos and inspiration from this beautiful country to gather for new blog posts. As I had a chance and time to visit Morocco for a first time. Visited Rabat firstly for 3 days and then took a train to Casablanca for couple of days too where I am now, before heading to the last stop in Marrakech. So far I love it here. People are very friendly and helpful, the endless art on the streets and on buildings are just amazing, the sun and the beach. 
But more in the next posts where I talk more about this trip, will give you some recommendations and my opinions and of course a photo diary with it.
For now, I have an outfit photo to share with you. It was shot in Casablanca on a beach side. Wearing my drop down shoulder crop top and black skirt with lace details, together with a rose gold color neckless from Pilgrim. (featured in few posts back, if you remember when I first got it and share it with you)

Zdravím z Casablancy, Moroka. Cestovala jsem, fotila jsem a nechala se inspirovat touto krásnou zemí, abych měla nové články na blog.  Měla jsem možnost a čas odcestovat na krátkou chvíli do Moroka poprvé. Navštívila jsem Rabat na prvních 3 dny a poté vlakem jsme odjeli do Casablancy na pár dni kde momentálně jsem, předtím než opět odjedeme do finálni destinace v Marrakechi. Zatím to tu je úžasné. Lidi jsou milé a přátelští, ta nekonečná inspirace umění z ulic a na jejich budovách, slunce, pláž a moře. 
Ale více toho napíši v příštím postu kde nebude chybět fotky a nějaké moje doporučení. 

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Friday, September 5, 2014


I love mesh and netted fabrics. Especially when you layer them with heavy fabrics for insulation. Perfect for autumn trend, however, right now I am not wearing anything like that. All I have is meshed stripes flower skirt, wearing with scallop top. Bought while doing some shopping in Vietnam, therefore these pieces are from some local boutiques. 

Photos by Jenny Louise

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